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Can you escape 2 android level 4 walkthrough

Can you escape 2 android level 4 is so complex!! Took me 45 minutes to figure it out.
can you escape 2
This level involves a series of tasks that need to be completed in order to get the key card.
Open the dustbin and look into the buttons and the way these have been arranged.
Make sure the buttons in the table are arranged as per those indicated in the dusstbin(image).
can you escape 2 level 4
Now open the left cupboard to get the part of the hammer.
Search the floor to get the other part of the hammer. Join both parts.
Move the wooden box to get the plug.
Move around and place the plug in the missing plug point.
Punch in numbers “B3C2AA” on the computer screen(image).
can you escape 2 level 4_2

Raise the levers (2358) present under LOCAL as per the numbers displayed on the screen.
Locate the crack in the wall and break it using the hammer to get the missing lever.
Place the missing lever in the place as indicated in image.
can you escape 2 level 4_3
Locate the wire and move it over the other wire without touching it. This will open the cupboard revealing the keycard.
Use it near the door to go to next level.

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