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Escape Action Level 79 80 Walkthrough

These are my walkthrough for level 79 and 80. Escape Action Level 79 Walkthrough Use two fingers to hold on both rhino and fox heads for sometime. Door will open allowing you to move to next level. Escape Action Level 80 Walkthrough Challenger level. Use the sprinkler to make all . . . Read more

Escape Action Level 76 to 78 Walkthrough

Here is my walkthrough for levels 76, 77 and 78. Escape Action Level 76 Walkthrough Remove the green leaves, arrange the letters on the top of the door as “PASSWORD” to finish this level. Escape Action Level 77 Walkthrough Incoming search terms:escape action level 76escape action 76

Escape Action Level 71 to 75 Walkthrough

Here are my walkthrough for level 71 to 75 of escape action which released today. Escape Action Level 71 Walkthrough Tke the yellow sponge from the white stand,dip it in blue liquid and rub it on the door having the droplet symbol until it changes to flower symbol and touch . . . Read more