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Escape Action Level 26 to 30 Walkthrough

Here is my solved walkthrough for Escape Action level 26 to 30.
level 11
Escape Action Level 26 Walkthrough
Level 26 is highly confusing so follow these steps to complete this level in order to move to 27.Tap the apple button, then slide down the rope, tap red apple, tap face button and tap doll face, tap clock button then tap left clock, tap bottom clock, tap top right clock, tap apple button twice, tap face button once, tap clock button three times.Door will open allowing you to move to next level.
Escape Action Level 27 Walkthrough
This leve is very interesting.Make the ball hit the door by sliding down the rope 5 or 6 times. Door will open allowing you to move to next level.

Escape Action Level 28 Walkthrough

Objective is to feed the gorilla.So slide top right ceiling and slide the banana to the gorilla.

Escape Action Level 29 Walkthrough

To complete this level, tap 1,3 and 6th button which will open the door.

Escape Action Level 30 Walkthrough

This level is very unique and interesting. First clean the web quickly then put the mobile on the floor and then wipe the screen with both left and right fingers. This is a challenger level.

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