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Escape Action Level 41 to 45 Walkthrough

The levels are getting tougher but I am determined to complete them.I am posting the walkthrough of escape action level 41 to 45.
level 11
Escape Action Level 41 Walkthrough
To complete this level do the following:
Tap drum 2 three times, drum 4 one time, drum 1 two times, drum 3 one time, drum 1 one time.
Escape Action Level 42 Walkthrough
Innovative 🙂 Set the clock with your phone time to make the door open.
Escape Action Level 43 Walkthrough
Spot the difference between top and bottom pictures.Use the numbers and enter them to the left of the door and click the button on the right which will open the door.

Escape Action Level 44 Walkthrough

Slide the leaves to reveal the color count. Tap the colors according to the count to open the door.

Escape Action Level 45 Walkthrough

Slice the wood quickly within the time and avoid the wheel to open the door.This is a challenger level.

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  1. These people are the best at walkthroughs. Their simple and to the point. The others I’ve tried are either too wordy or too confusing. Thanks guys!

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