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Escape Action Level 56 to 60 Walkthrough

Here are the walkthrough for escape action level 56 to 60.
escape action
Escape Action Level 56 Walkthrough
To move to next level slide the flower in the order right, down, up and left.
Escape Action Level 57 Walkthrough
Use the broom to hit the spider and use cloth below the paper to wipe the webs in order to open the door.
Escape Action Level 58 Walkthrough
Move sliders in the door to openit. Move m to extreme left, s to extreme right and n to the middle.

Escape Action Level 59 Walkthrough

Much easier compared to previous levels. Slide wheel to right and then blow the fan until it is gone.

Escape Action Level 60 Walkthrough

Tap the wheels from smallest to largest quickly to complete this challenger level.

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