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Escape Action Level 6 to 10 Walkthrough

I have already posted the walkthrough for Escape Action Level 1 to 5. This post contains the walkthrough for next 5 levels.
escape action
Escape Action Level 6 Walkthrough
To solve level 6, use number 915 on the door.

Escape Action Level 7 Walkthrough

Swipe over the blocks to remove the obstruction in order to move to level 8.

Escape Action Level 8 Walkthrough

Use number “10 8 6” to open the door for moving into next level.

Escape Action Level 9 Walkthrough

To solve level 9, use the spanner in the floor on the door to break open the door.

Escape Action Level 10 Walkthrough

This is again a challenging room level. Pretty simple. Just combine all the hammers to form one big hammer.

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  1. A helpful hint for unlimited coins … change date on phone. Go into game collect daily bonus. Continue this back and forth for a continuous daily bonus lol

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