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Escape Action Level 66 to 70 Walkthrough

With levels 66 to 70, I have completed all levels released in escape action till date.
escape action
Escape Action Level 66 Walkthrough
To complete this level, first use the lever on the floor, it will give you the knife. Use the knife to remove the circular painting and use that on the larger painting.
Escape Action Level 67 Walkthrough
Slide rope down then do the following steps. Tap bottom right square,top left square, tap middle right square, pick up key then slide rope again. Use the key to open the door.
Escape Action Level 68 Walkthrough
This is tricky. As this level is 068, change numbers in the door such a way that sum of left column is 0, middle is 6 and the right is 8.

Escape Action Level 69 Walkthrough

Slide to remoce the leaves then pick up the wrench to remove the screws in order to move to level 70.

Escape Action Level 70 Walkthrough

Challenger level. Shake all the pots quickly to complete all levels.

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