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Escape Action Level 81 to 85 Walkthrough

10 new levels have been released for escape action. I have started solving them and will be posting the walkthrough as soon as I finish them.
escape action
Escape Action Level 81 Walkthrough
Shake the phone until the cloth falls down. Put the cloth on the painting to the right of the door. Then pick the wrench present behind the painting and use it to open the bolts to move to level 82.
Escape Action Level 82 Walkthrough
Tap rhino three times followed by the tapping of bird, snake, kangaroo and elephant.
Escape Action Level 83 Walkthrough
Tap the left button to see the key sequence and play it in reverse. Reverse sequence is 352641. This will allow you to move to level 84.

Escape Action Level 84 Walkthrough
This level is very tricky. First take the pliers from the cabinet. Cut the chains using it. Then set the cross color on the door to green. Then pick up sponge once the cross has gone. Put the sponge into the bucket. Then pick up the key and open the treasure box. Finally tap the door to make it open so that you can move to level 85.
Escape Action Level 85 Walkthrough
Challenger level. Tap and hold on the fire to make it disappear. Place the phone on the floor and put your fingers over the fire and wipe it to finish this level.
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