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Escape Action Level 91 to 95 Walkthrough

Here is my walkthrough for escape action level 91 to 95.
escape action
Escape Action Level 91 Walkthrough
Enter 4 on both left side and right side so the answer is 4*4 = 16. Now tilt the phone to show as 91 and wait for the green light to come to move to next level.
Escape Action Level 92 Walkthrough
Count the circles on the cards. It should be 36. Enter the value below and tap on the card that has no circle.
Escape Action Level 93 Walkthrough
Pick up the shovel and move the boulder to hit the green button. Now change the letters to this order by tapping them.
r = rhino
t = torch
c = clock
m = matches
s = sponge
p = picture

Escape Action Level 94 Walkthrough
Similar to tetris game. Drag the colored blocks and make sure they are aligned by tapping on the blocks to rotate them.Left to right: blue, purple, yellow, red, green
Escape Action Level 95 Walkthrough
Challenger level. First tap and hold to hold the ghost and let go to spin. Do it quickly to complete this level.

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