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Escape Action Level 96 to 100 Walkthrough

Here is my solution set for escape action level 96 to 100.
escape action
Escape Action Level 96 Walkthrough
First pick up the arrow and place it in the middle gear and then use the match stick and light the dynamite.
Escape Action Level 97 Walkthrough
This level is very different. First shake your phone to make the windmill fall. Now place it back and rotate it once to make the windmill spin on its own. Tap the drum 4 times to get 4 and place it in the empty slot to get the number 8. Now drag the 8 to its spot and tap it 8 times. Now drag the seed and place it in its spot. Drag the water can up and down to get the sponge. Use it to water the seed by holding it on the seed until it grows.

Escape Action Level 98 Walkthrough
The very step is picking up the knife from the table by pressing the green button on the wall. Use the knife to slice the leaves on the wall. You will see three wooden wheels on the wall with pointers, rotate the phone so that the pointers will point to the center and will change to blue color if done correctly. Press the stop button on the wall once you see all the pointers pointing in the correct direction. Move to level 99.
Escape Action Level 99 Walkthrough
Just tap on the paper to reveal the wrench, use it from the inventory and tap on the faucet thrice to fill up the sink. Tap on the sponge and make it wet by tapping on the sink. You will see a chain from the roof, just tap on it and it will reveal a black board. Use the wet sponge to swipe and clean the bottom right wooden square. Count the number of lines for each color: 5 grey, 8 blue, 7 green. Now pull the rope and tap on the colored squares corresponding to the number of each color, 5-grey, 8-blue and 7-green. The door opens, move to level 100.
Escape Action Level 100 Walkthrough
Swipe the ball and make it hit the pumpkin to get 90 points. You will get 5 points per hit and its easier to hit in the middle of the pumpkin. Once done the door opens. Stay tuned for the next update.

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