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Escape The Mansion Level 26 27 28 29 30 Walkthrough

Here is my walkthrough for Escape The Mansion levels 26 to 30. With this post I have updated walkthrough for all levels of escape the mansion, released till date.
escape the mansion
Escape The Mansion Level 26 Walkthrough
This level is very much like a tetris game. Just align all the jigsaw pieces to move to level 27.
Escape The Mansion Level 27 Walkthrough
Grab the hammer from the ghost by tapping on the moving ghost repeatedly. Then use the hammer to break the block of stone and move it sideways.
Escape The Mansion Level 28 Walkthrough
Join the dots as shown in the image below.
escape the mansion level 28
Escape The Mansion Level 29 Walkthrough
Move the insects to the opposite webs to complete this level.
Escape The Mansion Level 30 Walkthrough
Challenger level. Similar to level 10. Turn different pipes and complete the connection to solve this level.

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