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Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword Answers – Saturday, June 11 2016

Here are the answers to Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword puzzles Saturday, June 11 2016.
Adhesive, for wallpaper say – PASTE
Affectedly modest or shy – COY
Appearance, view – ASPECT
Area of combat – ARENA
As well – TOO
Beautiful cupbearer to the gods – GANYMEDE
Condensed liquid – MOISTURE
Continuing forever or indefinitely – PERPETUAL
Deer-horn – ANTLER
Excessive, unreasonable – UNDUE
Exerted a gravitational pull – ATTRACTED
Filled with air or gas to distend – INFLATED
Frivolous, off-hand – FLIPPANT
Game in which words are acted out – CHARADES
Hinder, prevent progress – STYMIE
Keenness, sharpness – ACUITY
Large passenger-ship – LINER
Legally binding proclamation – EDICT

Market place in a N African town – CASBAH
Mid-80s style of rock music – GRUNGE
Money made by money – INTEREST
Multi-armed sea creatures – OCTOPUSES
Nocturnal mouse-like mammal – BAT
Performance spaces – THEATRES
Period before Christmas – ADVENT
Reminder of past events – SOUVENIR
Rice cooked in well-seasoned broth – PILAU
Robert …., …. Bergin, – EMMET
Sharp spike on a plant – THORN
Stinging plant – NETTLE
Take to be the case – ASSUME
Tap on a cask – SPIGOT
Tax and large container – VAT
Trusted teacher or adviser – MENTOR
Up to now – TODATE
Wild, unruly – TURBULENT

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