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Let’s Escape Level 1 2 3 Walkthrough

Let’s escape for iOS is an addictive game by Mobest Media Ou. The objective of this game is to escape one room by looking through various objects, solving puzzles etc. I have started playing game recently and so I am sharing the walkthrough for this game.

Let’s Escape Level 1 Walkthrough

To complete level 1 look for the key below the pillows in the chair. Open the cupboard on the bottom of the night lamp to get the cd. Inser the cd in the laptop and type 7394. You will get a star pattern which is like first star glowin first column, third glowing in 2nd column, 4th glowing in 3rd column, 2nd glowing in 4th column and 5th glowing in 5th column. Make the round objects in the keypad turn green in 5 columns similar to that of the stars. The cupboard will open revealing the key. Use the key to go out of the door to level 2.

Let’s Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

In level 2, get the scissors from back seat of the car. Note the number plate AS1513. There will be a box in the floor, open it using scissors. There will be another box which is locked. Use number 1513 to unlock it. Take the handle present inside the box. Now explore around the room until you come across four circular knobs. Turn them as shown in the image and use the handle to open the cupboard. level 2 hintYou will find a key, use the key to go out of the room to level 3.

Let’s Escape Level 3 Walkthrough

To escape level 3, open the cardboard box to get the wire. Use it to connect the washing machine.There will be a green box which has a cloth. Cloth has number 1410. Use this number to open a tiny box lying around the house. There will be a small rod. Use it as screw driver bottom. Now there will a screw driver top lying around, use these two to open a radio revealing key. Use this key to open the door to level 4.

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