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Lets Escape Level 13 Walkthrough

Here is my post of Lets Escape Level 13 walkthrough which got updated today. I will be posting lets escape level 14 walkthrough in another post.
Lets Escape Level 13 Walkthrough
lets escape
First pick up the blade in the drawer below the mirror. Lift one of the pillow and take the part of knife. Join the blade and knife part to form a complete knife. Now lift another pillow and use the knife to get the key. Use the key on the top drawer that has the night lamp. Pick up the bulb and fix it on the table lamp. You can see a checked square on the wall. Click it. You can see the pattern of color buttons “Y,R,Y,B,R,Y,R,B” Press the switch on the lamp to change colors as specified. (Yellow, Red, Yellow, Black(switch off), Red, Yellow, Red, Black) You will get a key. Use the key to open the long white cupboard. See the hanger numbers and come back to the lower drawer of the table lamp table and use the numbers “4161” to open in order to get the screw driver. Use this to open the area behind the hanger in the long cupboard. You can see many circle buttons. Click on them to make them look like the checked square on the wall. (See screenshot).
lets escape stage 13
You will get a key, use that to open the door to move to level 14.

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  1. I have tried the yellow red yellow black red yellow red black pattern on the lamp until I feel like I am going crazy but no key is appearing. Has anyone heard of a glitch maybe? It’s not really easy to get the light to turn off, but I have definitely succeeded with the yrybryrb pattern several times. Any thoughts?

  2. I did it the first time. It’s actually hitting the buttons on the lamp in this order: y-r-y-y-r-y-r-r. Hitting the red or yellow button the second time actually turns the lamp black or off.

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