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Let’s Escape Level 4 5 6 Walkthrough

Level 1 2 3 Lets escape were slightly easier compared to these levels.

Let’s Escape level 4 walkthrough

Look under the bed for a battery and under the teddy bear for a key. Move around and you will see one more battery lying near the ball. Use the key to open the cupboard near the ball to get a projector plate. Now go to the cupboard with long door, open the right cupboard. You will see a projector, use the battery and the plate to project the number 6734. Use that to open the middle small cupboard in order to get a hammer. Open the left cupboard, use the hammer topen the box and arrange the buttons with symbols as shown in the image. level 4 hintThis will unlock the box revealing the key. Use the key to open the door moving to level 5.

Let’s Escape level 5 walkthrough

To solve stage 5, move around the house for the chain which is inside the wash basin and the coin which is inside the cupboard. Then get the card that is inside the drawer by punching number 911. Use the coin and the card to open the door to move to level 6.

Let’s Escape level 6 walkthrough

Level 6 is comparatively easier than level 4 and 5. To solve level 6, move around the house until you find the cupboard that has the keypad. Use 242 in the number, get the key and use that to move to level 7.

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