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Let’s Escape Level 7 8 Walkthrough

I have solved lets escape level 1 2 3 and level 4 5 6 in my previous posts. This post is dedicated for level 7 and 8.

Let’s Escape Level 7 walkthrough

The easiest way to solve level 7 of lets escape is to get the screw driver which is on the bottom of the whiteboard. Then use that to open the cupboard. You will get a cutting plyer. Use it on the skeleton to get the key. Use the key to open the door to level 8.

Let’s Escape Level 8 walkthrough

Level 8 of lets escape was so hard to solve but do not worry I have found the easiest way to finish it. Just go near the painting and next to it you will find this dot matrix. Keep the dots as shown in the image.level 8 hint For the last column try placing dots until the box opens revealing the key. Use the key to move to level 9. I took nearly 1 hour to solve this level so I am very sure this shortcut to move to level 9 will be most welcome 🙂

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