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New York Times Crossword Answers – Saturday, June 11 2016

Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Saturday, June 11 2016
About 2% of the Hope Diamond – ONECARAT
After the fact – TOOLATE
Alternative to quinoa – COUSCOUS
Annette Sings ___ (1960 pop album) – ANKA
Aye’s opposite, poetically NEER
Bare-bones – SKELETAL
Baroque window – OXEYE
Barrel holder GUN
Bobby who co-founded the Black Panthers – SEALE
Certain Internet diagram SITEMAP
Children’s song about avian anatomy – ALOUETTE
Converts to pastureland, say – DEFORESTS
Couple ITEM
Debatable ability – ESP
Deem appropriate – SEEFIT
Dunn formerly of “S.N.L.” – NORA
Elephantine Island is in it – NILE
Equal: Prefix – PARI
Establish gradually – INSTILL
Fatsis who wrote the best-selling “Word Freak” – STEFAN
French siege site of 1597 – AMIENS
Grub for a grub – LEAF
Hardly seen, to Seneca – RARA
Hear me out – ICANEXPLAIN
Home brewing vessel DEMIJOHN
I have, to Henri – JAI
Ill-fated, old-style – ACCURST
Involving multiple states: Abbr. INTL
James who edited the O.E.D. MURRAY
Like lingerie INTIMATE
Like some unions – SAMESEX
Mayo, for one – MES
Monkshood flower’s “hood” – SEPAL
Nature – SORT
Neighbor of Windsor Castle – ETON
One face in the crowd? – WALDO
One might start working on Black Friday – MALLSANTA

One of the Leewards – STKITTS
Ones hanging around a deli? – SALAMIS
Poison also called white arsenic – RATSBANE
Post-stunt provocation TOPTHAT
Priceline possibilities – INNS
Really go up – SOAR
Sancho Panza, to Don Quixote – COMPADRE
Some car wash grps. – PTAS
Something held at arm’s length – SELFIESTICK
Source of resentment in the Colonies in the 1770s TEATAX
Soviet co-op ARTEL
Student taking Civil Procedure, most likely – ONEL
The vice of a few intelligent people, per Voltaire – ATHEISM
Third-ever Best Actor Oscar winner – ARLISS
Tilt – LIST
Toast, e.g. – SALUTE
Tropicana label specification – NOPULP
Two of them are worth a sawbuck – ABES
Untold – ATONOF
Was spitting nails – RAGED
Way back then, way back when – ERST
Way cool, in modern lingo – SODOPE
Whacking tool – GAT
Where Shaq won the Adolph Rupp Trophy – LSU
Winning move – MATE
Zebu feature – HUMP

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