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Submarine Escape Android Game Stage 1 to 10 Walkthrough

Submarine Escape is a very popular puzzle game for Android. It is quite addictive and best of all it is free 🙂
The main objective of this game is to find and combine items to break through the doors of submarines under which you are trapped.
I have seen a lot of guides and walkthroughs for Submarine Escape but most of them are pure video tutorials. I have a feeling that many people would love to have a descriptive narration of how to tackle the puzzles. I will try my best to do that by posting walkthrough to all levels of submarine escape with appropriate screenshots.

Submarine Escape Walkthrough Level 1

Submarine Escape Stage 1 is a no brainer and very simple. You simple have to tap on the door to continue to level 2.

Submarine Escape Walkthrough Level 2

Submarine Escape Stage 2 is also quite easy. You have to collect the wheel which is the door opener and use the item in the door and tap on it to open it.

Submarine Escape Walkthrough Level 3

Submarine Escape Walkthrough Level 3
Submarine Escape stage 3 is where the real game begins. You have to solve some sort of puzzle to move to stage 4.
Here are the steps to solve them.
Step 1:
Click each pipe which is in between the doors and make all the levers in each pipe to be flat by tapping.
Step 2
You will see a ladder appear.Click that you will move to level 4.

Submarine Escape Walkthrough Level 4

Do the following steps to complete submarine escape stage 4.
Step 1:
Pull the rod behind the ladder to the left.
Step 2:
You will see a key. Tap on it. Key will go in the items list.
Step 3:
Tap on the key that is present in the item list and tap on the door lock. Open sesame 🙂 Move to level 5.

Submarine Escape Walkthrough Level 5

Submarine Escape Stage 5 is quite tricky but not difficult 🙂
Step 1:
In the stage, you can see a fitting that is attaching the two pipes. The bend is facing up. Tap it. It will face down and a key will appear below.
Step 2:
Tap the key.It will go to the items collector in the right.
Step 3:
Tap the key present in the item collector. Tap the key hole in the submarine door. Wooot! door opens. Now to stage 6.

Submarine Escape Walkthrough Level 6

Submarine Escape stage 6 is pretty much similar to stage 3.
Step 1:
You can see the levers in the pipe. Tap them like you did in stage 3. They will all become flat and door will open.
Step 2:
Now tap the hole in the door to move to stage 7.

Submarine Escape Walkthrough Level 7

Stage 7 of submarine escape is really interesting. Follow the steps below to move to stage 8.
Step 1:
You are given different color buttons to the left of the door and the wires that opens the box to the right.Tap the button in the order RED, PINK, YELLOW, VIOLET and GREEN. The box will open revealing the key.
Step 2:
Tap the key. It will go into the items collector in the right.
Step 3:
Tap the key in the item collector. Then tap the door. Door will open. Tap again in the whole to move to stage 8.

Submarine Escape Walkthrough Level 8

Submarine Escape stage 8 is all about timing. Follow the steps below.
Step 1:
You can see two wheels on either side of the door. Tap wheel to the left and immediately tap wheel to the right.
Step 2:
The door will open. Now tap inside the opened door to move to stage 9.

Submarine Escape Walkthrough Level 9

Stage 9 of Submarine escape is all about solving the jumbled picture which is present to the left.
Step 1:
Tap the picture to the left of the door.
Step 2:
Tilt each picture by tapping it such the it should eventually form a submarine.Look at the image on the left for your reference.
Step 3: Tap the opened door to move to stage 10.

Submarine Escape Walkthrough Level 10

Submarine Escape stage 10 is just about timing.
Step 1:
Click the small white object below the door. It will show 5 seconds in the items collector to the right.
Step 2:
Hold the dot that is present in the right of the door for 5 seconds. The door opens.. Off to stage 11 🙂

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