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Survivor Zombie Outbreak Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough for Survivor Zombie Outbreak. I will update the walkthrough as soon as I finish the level.
survivor zombie outbreak
Take the keys from the bushes to the left of the door and use it to open the door. Move around the room and find the cutting plyer and the bullets on the table. Add them to your inventory. Move to the kitchen and take the chess piece from the sink. Take the tissue near the kettle. Use the plyer to cut the wire and take that into inventory.
Now take the chess piece and place it on the chess board. Once the board open, take the ice pick into inventory. Move back to kitchen, open the fridge, use the chisel to break the ice and take the hammer into inventory. Go upstairs, take the hammer and hit the zombie. You will find the key, place it in the inventory. Open the cupboard and break the pumpkin in the order, (Middle row middle, Top row first, Middle row last, Bottom row first, Top row middle, Middle row first, Bottom row last, Bottom row middle and First row last) to get the revolver. Load the bullets in the revolver. Open the side door using the key present in the inventory to move to next room. Take the magnet from the cupboard. Take the butterfly from the bed. Go back to ground floor. Join the wire and magnet and use them to take the key present near the curtain. Use the key to open the door.

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