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The Guardian – Quick Crossword Answers – Saturday, June 11 2016

Here are the answers to The Guardian – Quick Crossword puzzles Saturday, June 11 2016.
A guru (anag) – AUGUR
Add on – APPEND
Blows with the fist – PUNCHES
Brilliance — dash – BRAVURA
Completely exhausted – SPENT
County of south-west England – DORSET
Cut into two equal portions – HALVE
Cut short – CURTAILED
Declared – STATED
Disappear (anag) – APPRAISED
Great pleasure – DELIGHT
Hanging cloth used as a blind – DRAPE

Have the same value as – EQUAL
Hold your tongue – SHUTUP
In the vicinity – LOCALLY
Kitchen gadget — old policeman – PEELER
Lament for the dead – DIRGE
Leisure activity – PASTIME
Lingered – TARRIED
Produced by crossbreeding – HYBRID
Root vegetable used in salads – RADISH
Skill in doing something – CRAFT
Skins – HIDES
Sturdy – ROBUST
Vanquish – CONQUER

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