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Unriddle Riddle Level 111 to 120 Answers

Here is my solution set for unriddle riddle level 111 to 120.
unriddle riddle
Unriddle Riddle Level 111 – What kind of cup doesn’t hold water? – Cupcake
Unriddle Riddle Level 112 – The sun bakes them, the hand breaks them, the foot treads on them, and the mouth tastes them. What are they? – Grapes
Unriddle Riddle Level 113 – What has a neck, but no head? – Bottle
Unriddle Riddle Level 114 – What goes around a yard but doesn’t move? – Fence
Unriddle Riddle Level 115 – What falls but never breaks? – Night

Unriddle Riddle Level 116 – What kind of room has no windows or doors? – Mushroom
Unriddle Riddle Level 117 – What is the time-piece, That needs no winding? – Rooster
Unriddle Riddle Level 118 – Hold the tail, while I fish for you. – Net
Unriddle Riddle Level 119 – Metal or bone I may be, many teeth I have and always bared, yet my bite harms no one and ladies delight in my touch. What am I? – Comb
Unriddle Riddle Level 120 – The leaves are on the fruit, the fruit is on the leaves. What is it? – Pineapple

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