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You Must Escape Level 17 18 Walkthrough

I am back solving You Must Escape Level 17 and 18. I will write down the walkthrough for these levels to help you finish them. Level 17 is tricky while level 18 is somewhat easier. Lets get down to the tutorials.
you must escape
You Must Escape Level 17 Walkthrough
Move the paper in bed to get the oven mitts. Take the spatula from the top shelf. Move to kitchen, grab the horse shoe magnet from one of the bowls on the stove using the mitts. Combine the spatula and the horse shoe magnet and drop it in the other bowl, you will see the white pieces change into spiral.Take the spiral to inventory. Go to the main room and rearrange the tangled wire as shown in image below.
you must escape level 17
Now go to the top shelf and use 1267 code to open the locker, and get the key. Use the key to escape to level 18.
You Must Escape Level 18 Walkthrough
Grab the pencils from the pencil stand. Go near the painting, and use the pencils on them. The symbols “red square, green triangle, violet star and yellow triangle”. Use the symbols on the box near the chair. Take the strip once the box opens. Now go to the clock and set the time to 2:25, to get the small box. Use the box on the vase to get the match box. Light the candle on the table using the matchbox, to get the key. Use the key to open the door. You will hit a brick wall. Use the hammer to break it open to finish this level.

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